Be Your Own Best Friend!

Wednesday, November 4th, 2020

Self-Love is such an essential part of self-esteem and self-confidence! How do we find self-love?   

Here are a couple tools to use when developing self-love:  

  • Treat yourself with positive words; if you wouldn’t say it to someone else, don’t say it to yourself.   
  • Practice meditation that includes positive self-talk.   
  • Check-in with yourself: ask, “what do I need right now?”   
  • Start the morning with a Self-Love morning mantra. Check out some quick daily mantras here: https://www.gaia.com/article/10-powerful-self-loving-mantras   
  • Value yourself – sometimes this is hard to do if you haven’t had practice; try creating a list of small tasks, items, and things that come up throughout the day.   

Check out our fun video discussing “Being Kind to Yourself” and download the Self-Love Map to kick off your self-love journey!   


Self-Love Mind Map  

  • What you’ll need:  
    • Pen, pencil, or marker  
    • Print out the self-love mind map OR use a piece of paper   
  • What to do:  
    • Think about what describes you! Describe your strengths, your talents, your gifts, your beliefs, your personality.   
    • Fill your paper with these beautiful pieces of yourself that you find.   
    • Think about how you treat others, think about how you would compliment others, and compliment yourself the same way.  

      Download the Self-Love Mind Map here: Self Love Mind Map

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