Planning your Day

Wednesday, January 6th, 2021

Happy New Year!

2021 is here and let’s start it out with a bang!


Having a daily routine and schedule can help reduce stress and increase success! In 2021 let’s continue to reduce our stress levels and anxieties. To do this, it is essential to create a plan to know what to expect for the day. A little extra planning can allow you to have time to exercise, complete that fun project you have been working on, start something new, or just give you time to relax. This can increase your sleep habits and create overall better health by only one simple addition to your day, a daily planner!

According to an article by Skilled at Life there are 18 reasons why routines and schedules are important

  1. Makes Us More Efficient
  2. Reduces Our Need to Plan
  3. Creates Structure in Our Lives
  4. Saves Time, Our Most Valuable Resource
  5. Instills Good Habits
  6. Breaks Bad Habits
  7. Helps Us Become More Proficient
  8. Helps Us Get the Most Important Tasks Done
  9. Prioritization
  10. Reduces the Need for Determination and Willpower
  11. Reduces Procrastination
  12. Builds Momentum
  13. Builds Self Confidence
  14. Saves Us Money
  15. Helps Reduce Stress and Facilitate Relaxation
  16. Frees Up Our Time
  17. Helps Us Achieve Our Goals
  18. Keeping Track of Our Success

CLICK HERE to download our daily planner to begin your year of 2021 with a routine!


Thank you Skilled at Life http://www.skilledatlife.com/18-reasons-why-a-daily-routine-is-so-important/
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