Art & Education Application Process




Apply to the Art and Education Program Today!

Our application process for the Art and Education program is designed to ensure a seamless and personalized experience for each participant:

Step 1: Review the Art and Education Participant Handbook to udnerstand enrollment requirements, payment policy,  and many more details about the program.

Step 2: Complete the interest form to express your interest in our program, share a bit about yourself, and specify your preferred campus.

Step 3: Expect a response within 2 weeks, as our Director or Program Manager will reach out to schedule an intake interview. This interview will take place at your chosen campus, allowing us to provide a comprehensive overview of our program, conduct necessary paperwork, and ensure compatibility with your needs. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and take a tour of our facility.

Step 4: Following the intake interview, collaborate with the site coordinator to schedule your 3-day free trial. This trial period offers you the chance to experience our program firsthand, while we assess if it aligns with your requirements.

Step 5: Program acceptance is determined jointly by the program manager and site staff, leading to enrollment. Financing options include Medicaid waiver funds or private payment. If using Medicaid funds, your case manager will coordinate attendance days and assist with admissions paperwork.

Step 6: Upon completion of necessary paperwork, our staff will reach out to you and your LAR (Legally Authorized Representative) to confirm acceptance, discuss the start date, and provide program details.




We strive to make the application process as transparent and supportive as possible, ensuring a smooth transition into our program. Apply today to begin your process in becoming an Arc Artist.