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About The Art and Education Program


Welcome to our innovative Art and Education Program, a refreshing alternative to traditional dayhab programs for individuals with IDD. At our core, we are dedicated to creating an empowering environment that fosters independence through a diverse range of expressive lessons and community classrooms.

The Art and Education Program is a place where our expert instructors are dedicated to guiding students on a journey of self-discovery and expression. Our mission is to promote client-directed goals, self-determination, social skills, and instill a sense of independence and pride in each participant.

Every day, we actively bridge the gap in post-secondary education support for the I/DD community and their families. Our instructors are passionate about creating an environment that encourages growth and support. We focus on a range of elements, including student choice activities, empowering environments, and immersive community learning experiences, all designed to uplift and empower our students.

Explore our diverse range of classes offered in two formats throughout the day. In the Arts & Education program, you’ll engage in visual arts, expressive arts, active recreation, gardening, and develop social and emotional skills in an engaging and enjoyable environment.

Join us as we embark on a transformative journey, fostering creativity, skill development, and a strong sense of community. Together we can redefine the learning experience, allowing creativity to meet community, and creating a space where every individual is encouraged to thrive. Discover the difference at our Art and Education Program!