Paintings and Pints


Join The Arc of The Capital Area’s Art and Education Program for our Annual Paintings and Pints Gallery Sale

Embark on an extraordinary evening of creativity and inclusivity at our Paintings and Pints Gallery Sale. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of rich and original artwork, skillfully crafted by Austin-based artists with IDD. Wander through the gallery, engaging with the art, meeting the brilliant minds behind each masterpiece, and savoring a refreshing drink.

This is not just an art event; it’s a unique opportunity to bring home an original piece that not only enhances your space but also becomes a meaningful part of your story. By participating, you become a crucial ally in our journey towards a more inclusive world for individuals with IDD. Join us in taking that significant step towards fostering a community where creativity knows no boundaries and everyone is celebrated.


If you can’t join us or wish to engage and support Arc Artists before the event, explore the options below. Consider volunteering, sponsoring the event, supporting an artist, and more! There are various ways for you to be part of our mission and make a positive impact, click below to get involved.


Questions? Want to get involved? Contact Director, Olivia Gutierrez, at ogutierez@arcaustin.org


Why shop Paintings and Pints?

Experience the captivating allure of our Paintings and Pints Gallery Sale, an enchanting showcase where you not only view but also acquire unique artworks meticulously crafted by talented individuals with IDD. This artistic journey offers a rare glimpse into the world as seen through the distinctive perspectives of IDD artists, providing an intimate understanding of each artist’s identity expressed through their creativity.

When you shop for artwork at The Arc’s gallery sale, you play a pivotal role in supporting the IDD community. Your purchase becomes a powerful catalyst, encouraging these artists to continue their expressive journey in a beautiful and meaningful manner. Through your support, we strive to foster an environment of inclusion and equality, championing the rights and creative pursuits of individuals with IDD. Join us in creating a more vibrant and supportive world for these exceptional artists.


Supporting the IDD Community

At The Arc of the Capital Area, we take pride in standing beside IDD artists, providing them a platform to showcase their creativity to the world. A percentage of the proceeds from each art sale directly benefits the artists, ensuring that these talented individuals receive the resources and recognition they rightfully deserve.

Your attendance at our event is more than just an appreciation of art; it’s a meaningful contribution to the lives of IDD artists and the entire IDD community. Your presence here plays a vital role in shaping a brighter future where the talents of everyone are celebrated.