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CLASS Case Management

Community Living Assistance and Support Services (CLASS) is a Medicaid Waiver program that offers an alternative to institutionalization for individuals with disabilities who need attendant care by helping them access the resources they need to live and work as independently as possible in the community.

This program offers one-on-one support through our dedicated case managers. They will help each person set their goals and navigate the tools needed to achieve those. CLASS case managers help obtain personal assistance with daily activities, individual skills training, physical, occupational, speech, specialized therapies, adaptive aids, minor home modifications, and respite care

CLASS (Community Living Assisted Support Services) is a waiver-based program through Health and Human Services to ensure individuals live within the community, not in institutions. The State of Texas CLASS program currently has a 13-year waitlist; if you still need to add yourself to the CLASS or HCS waitlist, please do so today! If interested, call 877.438.5658 to request that your name be put on the Texas statewide interest list.

Eligibility for CLASS is assessed individually.

You can also contact Celina Maddox, Director of CLASS at The Arc of the Capital Area for more information.

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Adult Case Management

The Adult Case Management program at The Arc of the Capital Area helps adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities live as independently as possible. We provide a range of community integration services and supports, especially for those who live alone. Our goal is to help individuals achieve and maintain personal independence.

Our services include:

Case Management: We assist adults with disabilities in Travis County by connecting them to community resources, waiver services, and government benefits. Our case managers help navigate transportation, housing, and other essential services.

Social Opportunities: We offer monthly social events for program participants to foster community engagement and build social connections.

To refer someone to our Adult Case Management program, please complete the referral form here or call 512-476-7044 x 233.



The Arc - Juvenile Justice Services

Juvenile Justice Services

Our Juvenile Justice Services (JJS) program works closely with local schools to support students aged 10-18 who have intellectual or developmental disabilities and are involved in, or at risk of becoming involved in, the criminal justice system. Our services are tailored to those enrolled in Special Education (SPED) programs.

We believe in a prevention program that meets the needs of Austin’s at-risk youth with disabilities. Our goal is to reduce or prevent repeat offenses and support these individuals in staying in school, graduating, and finding successful employment. We provide education at home and help families find community support.

Comprehensive Support Services

ARD Support: We collaborate with caregivers and schools to provide ARD (Admission, Review, and Dismissal) support, ensuring that students receive the appropriate services they need under SPED. Our goal is to work together to create the best possible outcomes for these students, helping them succeed in their educational journey.

Court Support: For those already in the system, we help them meet probation requirements and avoid further court involvement. We provide advocacy by accompanying families to court, ensuring they understand the proceedings, and educating the court about how the child’s disability may have influenced their behavior.

Transition Support: We assist with transitioning into adult services, helping clients navigate the shift from school to adulthood successfully.

Through our services, we aim to create a safer and more supportive community for our students by helping reduce repeat offenses, connecting them to much-needed resources in the community, and supporting them and their families along the way.


Contact Information

Caleb Alford                                                      
Director of Community Services

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