Building Community Through Team Unity

Bring your co-workers and come volunteer with us in our art studio! Our environment is perfect for a work outing to team build outside of the office and experience something creative and fun! Teams do not need to have an artistic background, just a willingness to help out in a group setting.

We can plan your time with us based on preference of working directly with clients, assessing clients ability with social media and technological literacy, preparing canvases, filling paint bottles or assisting with displaying artwork for upcoming art shows.

You don’t have to be an artist to help! Volunteers assist our clients with gathering supplies, helping them stay on task, encouraging them, and socializing.


Building community through team unity is important to us here at The Arc. Groups from Dell through their Legacy of Good program, VMWare through their Service Learning program, and National Instruments volunteer regularly in our art studio. Check out some of our pictures below.

Shifts for volunteer groups are generally 2-4 hours, splitting time between working with students and doing projects for the art studio. The art studio is open from 9am-2pm, but volunteer groups also have the option of assisting staff with projects until 3:30pm. We can accommodate groups of up to 12 volunteers. Unfortunately weekend and evening group volunteer opportunities are not available.

Our Monday classes are focused on digital media arts, Tuesdays focus on performing arts as well as light yoga, while our Wednesday through Friday classes are focused on more classic visual arts, such as painting and drawing.

To discuss opportunities, or for more information, contact Leah Marsden, Volunteer Coordinator.



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Check out some of our pictures below: