Vision Dinner


Get ready for an electrifying evening of visionary conversations that will leave you buzzing with excitement! We invite you to join us for a night like no other, where like-minded individuals come together to delve into the next thrilling phase of The Arc of the Capital Area’s mission and vision.

This is not just any ordinary gathering – it’s an opportunity to support the future of central Austin’s intellectual and/or developmental disabilities community. Imagine the impact you can make by being a part of this groundbreaking movement!

Picture yourself surrounded by passionate individuals, sharing ideas and experiences and igniting a spark that will shape the future of our community. This is your chance to contribute to something significant, to be a pioneer in championing the rights and inclusion of those with disabilities.

Connect with fellow attendees who share your drive and commitment, forming invaluable connections that could lead to incredible collaborations and friendships. Mark your calendars and prepare to be inspired. The night awaits, filled with possibilities and opportunities waiting to be seized. Join us on this extraordinary journey, and let’s revolutionize the central Austin intellectual and/or developmental disabilities community together.