HCS Medicaid Waiver Employment Services

The Arc of the Capital Area provides comprehensive employment services, funded through the HCS Medicaid waiver, to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The goal of our services is to help individuals find and maintain competitive integrated employment that is aligned with their unique strengths, abilities, priorities and interests. These services are only available to individuals on the HCS Medicaid waiver.

HCS Supported Employment

Assistance provided to sustain competitive employment for individuals who require intensive, ongoing support.

HCS Supported Employment Services

Employment adaptations, supervision and training related to an individual’s disability

Training in work-related tasks

Training or consulting with personnel or support systems to ensure job retention

Communicating with managers and support systems to ensure job retention

HCS Employment Services

Assistance provided to an individual to help them locate paid, competitive employment in the community.

HCS Employment Assistance Services

Identifying employment preferences, job skills, and work conditions

Assessing individual’s strengths, challenges, transferable skills, needed accommodations and on-site supports

Locating prospective employers offering suitable employment

Job development

Interview support

Job task analysis

For more information:

Allison Abramo

Director of Supported Employment


512-476-7044 ext. 230


*If your HCS Direct Service Agency is interested in contracting with The Arc of the Capital Area for Employment Services,  please contact Allison Abramo